My Melody's friend Piano

Here. This pink sheep is My Melody's friend Piano.
She is so fluffy and cute.
The bear on my pinky nail was going to be Rilakkuma but I made his face too round so it turned into a normal bear. lol

On my right hand nails, I broke one nails by accident so I changed designs and shapes.
I wanted to try oval (almost pointed) nails so I filed off the corners and made them rounder.
Actually, as you can see in many magazines, the popular nail shape is shifting from square to oval in Japan.
And I found that round shape is much easier to handle. I still like square off nails though...or maybe I will get use to see oval shaped nails?? hmm..
I can't do a complicated designs on my right hand because I am right handed but I really like the mushroom on my middle finger nail.
Lots of glitters and mylars as usual:)

And here are my new toe nails.
Basic (well at least this is my basic) leopard patterns and pink bows.
Girly and Princessy.

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